Friday, July 17, 2009

Love at First Sight, My Lovely Memory

As far as I knew, most people do not believe in "Love at First Sight". It may be hard to convince someone to believe in it. For me, I do believe in "Love at First Sight" and I think that it likes an accident, no one knows when it happens. It can happen on any day, at any time, to anybody, at any places; i.e. in a crowded bus or while walking in the park.

Love is not easy to understand and it's rather hard to explain how it looks like. I had never thought much about love at first sight before until it happened to me. It may be a magic and it was my lovely memory. I met this special guy on the boat during my trip for a summer vacation to one of the most beautiful island. The first minute when I saw him, my heart beat so fast. I went weak at my knees when he looked at me. It was his tall, good-looking made me feel weak. Besides, it was strong and intelligent face that attracted me. I think, not many girls could resist his charm and good looks. Anyway, no matter what they are, it seemed that there was no solid reasoning behind those feeling indeed.

I kept looking at him through out the trip until I arrived the hotel and found that he also stayed at the same hotel as mine. What a lovely place with a lovely one around. The blue sky, white sand beach and the sea were all perfect for me at that moment. I couldn’t help thinking how attractive he looked. The more I saw him, the more I loved him. I could see him almost the times and at any places; i.e. in the lobby, in the restaurant or at the beach. I can say that his sweet smile and enchanting eyes already knocked the doors of my hearts and absolutely stole my heart. Every moment, he came around me, I felt very happy and joyful. It is a feeling of comfort. It was very beautiful and perfect time during this vacation.

I wished with all my heart I would have a chance to talk to him. But until the end of my vacation, there was no chance. Just one moment that my eyes could met his eyes, I could feel that there were many sparks. It liked the world stop. I thought I was lucky enough to meet a lot of very attractive, intelligent, accomplished guy like him. And I doubt I will ever love someone as much as him again. I will never forget him, he is always in my heart and I do really hope that one day I will see him again.

In the meantime, those who do not believe in love at first sight may think that I am so crazy, but believe me, you will not realize about the feeling of love at first sight until you can experience it by yourself. For me, I still do believe in love at first sight, it was my lovely memory. Though we did not know each other, I still feel that kind of love and it never faded.

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