Friday, October 23, 2009

Does He Like Me?

It's really hard for me to find out the best answer for this just simple question.  He is so hard indeed to read whether he likes me.

One day, I just noticed him when I was talking with my friend.  He kept looking at me and when our eyes met only just a few seconds, I can feel some spark inside me.  And I could also see something sparking from his eyes.  I don't really know what is he thinking?  Does he like me or am I making that up?

It seems that his signals make me feel really confused.  He often appears to be on my way unexpectedly.  I quite wonder why he always knows where I am going to and at what time.  He sometimes tried to be noticed by me and kept looking at me even if I pass by him but when I looked back up, he then looked away.  Sometimes, he even looked at me from across the room or across the road as well.  The way he stared at me was in a different manner, different from how he looked at other people.  That look make me spark from my head to my toe.  I can say that he made quite a lot of eyes contact to me.  Sometimes, when he saw me, he started smiling to me.  Is it too soon to think that he like me?

Someone recommended that the easiest way to know whether he likes me or not is just asking him which will not be possible for me.  Frankly speaking, sometimes I don't really want to know what the answer is as I am much afraid that it's only my imagination.  I just like the way it is; he always brings a smile on my face and freshness to my life as well.  I am really happy to see him everyday even I can't express my feeling to him.  Would it be better to keep it secret in my mind forever no matter what he likes me or not?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Love is a Mystery and Love Hurts so much!

Love is a beautiful thing. We all learned to love and to be loved since we were born; we were loved by our parents, by our friends and by someone who is so special to our lives. We share our love with them and care all of them as well. Anyway, no one knows exact meaning of love. For me, love is a mystery. Sometimes, you are in love with someone who does not love you. Sometimes, someone else falls in love with you, but you don't love him/her. Sometimes, you are in love with someone and he/she also loves you. But, sometimes love may not stay too long. Those kinds of love may hurt you so much. It is such a period of grieving. There is no reason for those things happen. You cannot do anything to avoid those kinds of love. That's the mystery of love.

Love is not easy at all for someone. Love is so blind; you can do the craziest thing when you are in love. Love brings the worst of pain; you can feel the pain of separation. You may hurt more than you have ever hurt before. Love can fill your eyes with tears. You can feel empty when love has gone.

There are a lot of people who try to find the ways to heal their broken hearts. Some are successful but some are not. For me, the best way to heal the broken heart is to let it be. Just consider it as a natural part of your life. Remember, you only have one heart and having the broken heart isn't the end of your life, so take a moment to heal it. You can go on living in this beautiful world. Stay with your presence. Join as much activities as you can with your best friends and your family. You may plan for a vacation with them at a nice beach somewhere. You just have a good hope and your broken heart can be healed by time, you can improve the way you feel and you will finally be fine.

Believe me, love is the mystery. The greatest love is to love yourself and there is no pain or broken heart. Take care of your feeling before it's too late. Good luck!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Love at First Sight, My Lovely Memory

As far as I knew, most people do not believe in "Love at First Sight". It may be hard to convince someone to believe in it. For me, I do believe in "Love at First Sight" and I think that it likes an accident, no one knows when it happens. It can happen on any day, at any time, to anybody, at any places; i.e. in a crowded bus or while walking in the park.

Love is not easy to understand and it's rather hard to explain how it looks like. I had never thought much about love at first sight before until it happened to me. It may be a magic and it was my lovely memory. I met this special guy on the boat during my trip for a summer vacation to one of the most beautiful island. The first minute when I saw him, my heart beat so fast. I went weak at my knees when he looked at me. It was his tall, good-looking made me feel weak. Besides, it was strong and intelligent face that attracted me. I think, not many girls could resist his charm and good looks. Anyway, no matter what they are, it seemed that there was no solid reasoning behind those feeling indeed.

I kept looking at him through out the trip until I arrived the hotel and found that he also stayed at the same hotel as mine. What a lovely place with a lovely one around. The blue sky, white sand beach and the sea were all perfect for me at that moment. I couldn’t help thinking how attractive he looked. The more I saw him, the more I loved him. I could see him almost the times and at any places; i.e. in the lobby, in the restaurant or at the beach. I can say that his sweet smile and enchanting eyes already knocked the doors of my hearts and absolutely stole my heart. Every moment, he came around me, I felt very happy and joyful. It is a feeling of comfort. It was very beautiful and perfect time during this vacation.

I wished with all my heart I would have a chance to talk to him. But until the end of my vacation, there was no chance. Just one moment that my eyes could met his eyes, I could feel that there were many sparks. It liked the world stop. I thought I was lucky enough to meet a lot of very attractive, intelligent, accomplished guy like him. And I doubt I will ever love someone as much as him again. I will never forget him, he is always in my heart and I do really hope that one day I will see him again.

In the meantime, those who do not believe in love at first sight may think that I am so crazy, but believe me, you will not realize about the feeling of love at first sight until you can experience it by yourself. For me, I still do believe in love at first sight, it was my lovely memory. Though we did not know each other, I still feel that kind of love and it never faded.