Saturday, January 15, 2011

Love at Different Ages, Is It Real or Just Only In My Dream?

Love at different ages, is it real or just only in my dream?  For me, this kind of love is too far away from reality, especially if the older woman fell in love with the younger man. It maybe occur only in my dream.

But when I met him, what's in my mind about love at different ages, has been changed.  He is really in my world and not in my dream anymore.  It seems my dream comes true.  The person in my dream is the person who I can meet in my real world.  It is very wonderful indeed.

I don't know when and where this kind of love occur.  I don't know how long it will take for this love.  But I only know that I am very happy to have him in my life.  Yes, this love is very sweet feeling.  And I would like to stop the world right now so that I will be with him forever.

How is your love?  Do you think, love at different ages is real or just only in someone's dream?  No matter what is your love.  I wish you have a good luck in love!

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