Saturday, December 25, 2010

Because of You

What is "Love"?  Is it poisonous?  Is it the air?  Is it happiness?  Is it suffering?  Or else?  Love is the greatest word.  Love is everything.  For me all those feeling can partly explain the word, "love".  And those feeling of love that I have now is because of you!

It's just actually happens in my life.  Someone also said that "love makes people blind".  I totally agree with it.  When we have love, everything is great.  It is warm, happiness, etc.  But, when we do not love each other, love is just the air.  Yes, the air which is going to be floating away. It is really suffering.

It is because of you.  I feel confused, not sure what you think, what you do, what you feel, etc.  Is it true that you love me?  Or you are just in my dream.  I know that love will be gone eventually.  But, remember, whatever will be, I'll love you forever.

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