Friday, October 1, 2010

Something about Women That You May Like to Know

A lot of people would consider "women" as "special" persons and "women" themselves also like to feel special, especially in the eyes of the men they like.  They also like to be praised about their beauty.

Their sense of love are very delicate and complicate as well.  They are very sensitive in their relationship with men.  Women would love the men who can show them how much they care them.  If women are broken-hearted, they will feel down and really depressed.  This may take a long time until they can pass this terrible feeling and forget it.  We can say that, in this point of view, they are very fragile and easily broken.

In the meantime, women are nicer, more friendly, more polite and better at learning than men.  They like to travel, go shopping and talk (they like to talk over the phone for hours/day), etc.

These are something about women that you may like to know.  Good luck for your love and take good care of your beloved woman!

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