Saturday, December 11, 2010

I Will Love Him Forever No Matter How Long

I cannot remember how long I have waited for him but I can remember well that there was only him in my heart. I am waiting for him and do not need anything else, just only him. I would like to tell him that I will love him forever no matter how long.

I don't know whether he still loves me or not but I know that I still do not change all my love for him.  No matter how long will be, I prefer to be as before.  I will not blame anyone or anything if time makes him change his love for me.  I just need somebody to love and that one is him.  I would like him to know that I always keep my love for him no matter how long.
My sweet memories about him may not return, but I just would like to let him know that I am still waiting for him and would like to know about him whether he is now sad or happy.  I really miss him so much no matter how long.

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